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Today is so rough on me. It hit me in the middle of The Wonder Years set what today is. It’s my birthday but more importantly it’s the day I lost the most important father figure in my life, my grandpa. Soupy dedicated Dismantling Summer to his grandfather and it immediately hit me how miserable I am. I hate my birthday now. I spent basically the entire 2 hour car ride home hiding that I was sobbing. As far as I see it today is just another day I dont to open his birthday card he got for me 2 years ago because I refuse to let “Happy Birthday, Love Pa” be the last interaction we’d share. So here’s to my 19th birthday.

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3 years ago I saw The Wonder Years for my 2nd time open for New Found Glory at the Best Buy Theater. Today I will see The Wonder Years for my 10th time headline at the Best Buy Theater. This is cool to me. 


but when did i start saying ‘yo’ unironically

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Throwback Thursday: Punk Rock Princess - Something Corporate

You could be my punk rock princess, I would be your garage band king.
You could tell me why you just don’t fit in, and how you’re gonna be something. 
If I could be your first real heartache, I would do it over again.
If you would be my punk rock princess, I would be your heroine.

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